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the last diary entry

word #593 for daily15. A small story...and it's been a while since I've written one. So I'm happy, despite its quality. :)

Author's note: rated PG for slight references.

This may be the last time I will write these words that mean so much to me. By afternoon tomorrow I will be on the good ship Trinity, posing as the only daughter of the late General Morgan. That is, if all goes as planned. If all succeeds, I shall be placing myself in the very center of their defences for three months. Of course they won't pay attention to a silly girl, and they'd never think that I am the core of the rebellion against them.

I am not afraid, despite the consequences if I get caught. I know my mission. To infiltrate, learn as much as possible, and use any means necessary to do so. Even if that entails becoming intimate with one of the high ranking officers. I'm sure there will be many men that would love to claim me.

Even so, it is a vile way to cheat the enemy. My conscience led me to start the rebellion in the first place, and my conscience tells me this is wrong. But I must go. All my followers are strong men. They'd never make it as far as I have, posing as a spoiled girl.

So I will go, and we will win this war. We will reclaim the liberties they have taken away from us. And if providence does not give us favor, we will fight to the death, for love, for life, for freedom.

Sincerely Yours for the last time,
Sara Bailey
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