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Hi people! This isn't a story. I have a question, and since this is a group of writers, I thought that you'd be a good group of people to ask!

My question is regarding prose writing. Recently, I started experimenting in short story writing. I have a three-thousand word story due in fifteen days. I have about 150 words of it done, and I have a tiny bit of the plot scribbled on a scrap of paper. My problem is that I’ve only written one other thing that long in my entire life. Yes, I’m scared lol. From past experience, I tend to get sick of the story if I make a plot out before I start writing, and then I’ll leave it for something new. My question is: How do I make myself stay with something that I’m tired of, without making a trial out of it? I know I need to work on my discipline, if I’m ever going to progress in this area...but it’s difficult. Any suggestions?
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There's really only one way I know to go about it...fall in love with it.

If you don't fall in love with your story, then it'll be tough work finishing it without discipline. If you fall in love with it, then you'll wake up in the morning ready to write, and go to bed at night dreaming about how awesome the writing went.

There's only one drawback. You have to break up with it the moment you finish it. If you don't, you'll never be able to accept criticisms. :P
Fall in love with it...I love that :). I don't think I've ever heard it compared quite exactly in that way before. It's a wonderful idea.

*sniff* but I don't want to break up with it!