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idealfiction's Journal

Ideal Fiction
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Welcome to idealfiction, a fiction challenge community. You can also just post stories here also.

- Every two weeks a new challenge will be posted.
- Challenges will be a word, a fandom, a quote, etc. along with a certain length.
- For people who don't read/watch/understand the challenge, an alternate will be given.
- You can only post if you are a member.
- Post your story as a new entry in the community, making sure you put CHALLENGE on the top of your entry so I know it is for the challenge.

- Voting will be put up at the end of the two week period.
- The stories will be numbered and linked to.
- Vote for your top 3 in a comment to that entry.
- There will be first, second, and third place, along with mod's choice.
- Do not vote for yourself or your vote will be disqualified.
- When you vote, the first place vote gets 3 points, second gets 2, and third gets 1.

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