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it seems so lazy


The world is happy now, and dancing,
Full of joy from its romancing
For the lover they were chancing
But the laughter seems so lazy.

The world is angry now, and breaking,
Full of messes from its making
For the smile they were faking
But the madness seems so lazy.

The world is lonely now, and crying,
Sad and pained from all its trying
For the whispers they were lying
But the heartache seems so lazy.

The world is bitter now, and running,
From the hurt it thought was coming
For their pride they all were shunning
But the poison seems so lazy.

The world is quiet now, and sleeping,
Worn and tired from its weeping
For their sanity theyre keeping
But the silence seems so lazy.

The world is peaceful now, and breathing,
Through the laughter, through the leaving
For the future theyre conceiving -
But their love will be too lazy.
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