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the next assignment

Challenge #3 - idealfiction

Title: “The Next Assignment.”
Author: Yours Truly :)
Word Count: 649
Rating: PG-13

Author’s Notes: Alrighty, here you go! I used the quote that read “I didn’t deserve to forget that I had turned my back on her. Oblivion wiped the books clean. It was too easy.” as the basis for this story. Not sure if it makes much seems a bit too vague to me. Oh well. I haven’t any time to edit it at the present. Enjoy! :)

It struck me, as I followed my host down the corridor, that everything in this entire building was colored in various degrees of blue. Even the crumbling bits of plaster that drifted down from the low ceiling were stained a dirty azure. The occasional lamp did little to penetrate the gloom. My host had certainly chosen a fitting place for our meeting.

I couldn’t help wondering what my assignment was going to consist of. The last few had been exceptionally dangerous; and I felt that I deserved a rest. My host would probably feel otherwise. He was a man incapable of showing – or feeling – any mercy.

Reaching his destination, my host shoved open a door and motioned me inside. “Sit down. I’ll be with you shortly.” He strode past me towards the dimly lit bar.

I dropped into a nearby chair, studying my surroundings. There were a few rickety tables scattered around at odd locations, each topped with a flickering candle. The bar that my host was visiting stood in the far corner of the room. A woman leaned against its counter, exchanging soft words with a drunken customer. There was something familiar about her. The way she moved, the shape of her lightly manicured hands awoke a restless feeling in the corner of my mind. I was sure I had seen her before.

My host appeared beside her, gesturing for her to follow. She turned, deliberately catching my eye, and sashayed closer to him, the intimate brush of her thigh against his unmistakable. My stomach twisted painfully. It was her. Numb, I rose to my feet as they approached. What in God’s name was she doing here? The answer was all too apparent. She had turned to him after I left her, after I had forgotten her.

Unable to refrain, my eyes traveled over her body, taking in her sensuous curves. ‘They were mine!’ my brain screamed. But they were not mine; she was not mine. My host pressed a fluted glass of wine into my hand as he dropped into my chair. She settled herself into his lap, eyeing me coolly.

The painful twist in my stomach spread along my body as I sipped the wine. Though the wetness was welcome, the taste was bitter, and did little to steady my increasingly disturbed mind. I supposed this was to be my penance for leaving her, for she was to be my next assignment – I was to be the bodyguard for the mistress of my host.

An assignment such as that was considered an honor; but I had no desire to be honored. For three years I had erased all evidence of her from my life. It had been too easy to throw away the ring she had given me and walk away. I was going to pay dearly for that debt now, for I didn’t deserve to forget that I had turned my back on her.

She sent me a searing glance as I walked away, reminding me of the countless nights we had lain together, spent from the heat of passion. “Never again,” I snapped at myself, cursing the dimness of the hallway. My assignment would start tomorrow. I wondered vaguely if my host knew of our connection, though I knew it wouldn’t have mattered. Pushing open the blue door, I glanced back at the dingy building. Yes, this was to be my penance. Always around her, but never with her; always near her, but never in her. Always cursed with her presence, while she belonged to another. I wasn’t sure if I could handle it. Forgetting her was no longer an option...but a new thought formed slowly in the dark corner of my troubled mind. I latched onto the plan with the ardor of a maniac. It would work; I would make it work. Oblivion would wipe the books clean again, and I would forget.
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